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Evtottav offers a wide range of web applications for every general purpose. Click on the icon to start using the application.


Internet Speed Test

Ispeed is a online internet speed test service provided by Evtottav. Test your bandwidth connection or data connection speed with Evtottav. Click on the icon to proceed.



Whois lookup. Search Domain or IP address. Get data from more then 300 TLDs. Dynamic Domain search and universal IP Server lookup. Click on the icon to proceed.


World Wide Weather

See the current weather condition in you local area. World wide weather is the best weather forecast app You will ever need.


Online Compass

Online web compass is a web app for all your compass capable devices. Made with advanced web technology.

cgpa calculator

GPA Calculator

CGPA & GPA calculator online. Reducing GPA calculation hassle from hard working students. Free for evtottav users.


Universal Unit Conversion

Convert any unit to another. Supports multiple units. Easy to use with simple UI. Free for lifetime.


Digital Tax Calculator

Forget the hassle of calculating your tax. Use Evtottav Digital Tax Calculator for your tax calculating solution. Part of Evtottav's general purpose tools.

qr code generator

QR Code Generator

Free qr code generator. A fast easy to use compatible and customizable qr code generator. Evtottav qr code generator.

barcode generator

Barcode Generator

Generate Barcode in any format. Free for personal and industrial use. Online Barcode Generator.

age calculator

Age Calculator

Why count when you can calculate. Stop confusing yourself while counting age just use Evtottav's online age calculator and get results with 100% accuracy.

currency converter

Currency Converter

With Evtottav Currency Converter get current foreign exchange rate of more than 168 world currencies. This service is free of cost. Find the best value for your money.

my ip info

My Ip Info

My Ip info is a web analysis tool. Click on the icon to review your web identity. This service is made free by Evtottav.


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game world

Game World

Play fun games online. You don't need to install anything just connect your self to internet and play as much you want on your phone, desktop, laptop, tablet or just about anything.



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